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Hemauer/Keller: A ROAD NOT TAKEN - Jimmy Carter White House Solar Installation (DVD)

In 1978 at the height of the second oil crisis, US President Jimmy Carter announced a federal initiative to boost renewable energies. As a symbolic gesture, the White House installed solar panels on the roof of the West Wing. The political climate changed and the solar water heater was taken down a few years later during the Reagan presidency.  Environmental-minded  Unity College Maine acquired the panels and installed them on their cafeteria roof.

In "A Road Not Taken"  Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller travel back in time, following the route the solar panels took. They trace the contemporary resonances of this forgotten episode in American policy through interviews with those involved - including President Jimmy Carter himself. The road trip ends in the Museum of American History, where the solar hetater finally becomes a museum piece: a curiosity that inevitably reminds us where we are today.

NTSC, Zone Free, 66 Min Laufzeit, 16:9, Stereo
Sprache: Englisch / Untertitel: Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch, Chinesisch, Englisch
Bonus Laufzeit: 24 Minuten / Englisch
CHF 38.00

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